About me… I was born in Buffalo, NY and my earliest insights into an art and design interest was as a teenager. I acquired my first mac and my fascination with creating images began with the preloaded software on the system allowing me to manipulate clip art and create rudimentary drawings. I quickly found an interest in digital photography, video and music. After investing in an early Apple digital camera. I learned early that I could get reactions, laughs and antagonize friends and family by combining images in unusual ways.

My enjoyment and propensity all things digital art and creative imagery led me to pursue a degree in Communication Design from the University of Buffalo at SUNY. There I studied visual and design theory from some wonderful master practitioners in graphic design, illustration, color theory and motion graphics.

After college I enjoyed a successful illustration and design internships I landed my first full time gig at an advertising agency near my hometown. The needs of the market at that time allowed me to practice typography and visual branding. I learned the ropes of being a designer and art director, creating hundreds of pieces printed collateral, sketching storyboards for TV spots and ideas for print ads, designing packaging, logos, web banners, and web sites. Sourcing stock photos, larger budget jobs afforded me to collaborate and direct illustrators and photographers. Fast times in those early years—many great collaborations, stories and insights were learned in agency life.

Over time I found the pace to slow and I was finding myself able to work from concept to completion—producing finished artwork including photography, illustration and a combination of the two. I began to hone in on my art style.